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Whenever you feel you cannot handle the rising summer heat, you should  look into installing a cooling system.  You have a number of options to choose from if your are unsure about air conditioner installation.  Be aware of the fact that air conditioners of the latest version are more advanced, energy saving and less noisy. It is beneficial to install an air conditioner because it reduces the electricity bills.  The first step is to determine the size of the air conditioning that will be suitable for your home.   A small cooling system will not be appropriate for your homes needs and one that is too big will cause the air to be clammy due to high humidity.  This is obviously not a good experience.  A cooling systems capability is measured by tons.  A ton means the amount of heat that is discharged by the air conditioner in an hour. 


 12,000 BTU is expelled by a one ton air conditioner and a 3 ton discharges 36,000 BTU.  A ton of ice can be melted with 12,000 BTU and it takes 24hours, this is the idea behind tonnage measurement.  A 1,600 square feet home will need a 2  1/2  ton air conditioner to meet its needs.  An air conditioner that is the best fit for you requirements can be selected by a professional contractor. There are requirements for the air conditioner instalment that have to be considered.  For a first time air conditioner installation, the electrical panel must be upgraded with a new circuit breaker.  There will also be a need for new wiring in the foundation.   The conditioner must be mounted on either metal brackets or concrete slab and new ductwork will be needed. Find out more at


This type of work needs to be done by an expert contractor as they are equipped with skills to do it themselves and are also licensed to do the work hence you will be confident hiring them.  If you do it yourself chances are you will spend a lot of time and it is not recommended as it is risky.   The threat of injury occurring is high if you do it yourself.   There is a need to choose an eligible contractor because this work is very sensitive.  Appropriate installation of the air conditioning system is important as it will guarantee durability and its efficiency.  Be mindful of the importance of this work. The contractor you choose should have the expertise to install and maintain the system and you can know of their abilities by examining them. 


Get references from people and browse online to get a good contractor. Confirm with your provincial authority whether the contractor has been legally licensed. Get started at